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Kibün (Kee-boon) is a Korean word used to describe one’s feeling and mood. More than ever, we are aware of how our physical space affects our mood, our kibün. We believe with the right light, we can feel better and live better.

Getting the right light should not be so confusing and difficult. Our goal is to make it easy to get the light you need, want, and love.

Why Lighting Matters

Lighting you need

Focus on the task at hand with lighting that's bright and energizing.

Lighting you want

Snuggle up with a great read illuminated by soft white light.

Lighting you love

Set the mood with warm, inviting lighting for a dinner with friends.

How to get the lighting you love

How bright is right?

Decide what activities and moods are needed for your area to select the brightness that works best.

Kibün builds on 50 years of lighting expertise

50 years ago Bulbrite, Kibün's parent company, came to life on the streets of NYC where founder Andrew Choi often went to visit stores on the Bowery with bagels and bulbs in hand. Starting out in the famous lighting district of NYC, Bulbrite’s reputation grew, and so did its presence in some of the most highly regarded lighting showrooms and home furnishing retailers around the country.
Bulbrite launched Lightopedia, a customized training platform. This platform provided in-depth education on the science and technology behind how lighting works. Over 500 lighting industry professionals have become Lightopedia certified, including each Bulbrite employee.
Building upon its decade long reputation as the “King of Nostalgics”, Bulbrite launches an award-winning full line of LED Filaments which replicate the look and feel of incandescent vintage Edison bulbs, while being energy efficient.
Bulbrite Solana launched, a new wifi enabled smart lighting line making it easy to get the lighting you love. Bulbrite Solana combines beautiful lighting with smart technology to provide ultimate flexibility and control without sacrificing style. This collection has caught the attention of notable home and lifestyle outlets including Domino, Dwell, and Better Homes and Gardens.
Bulbrite celebrates its 50th anniversary with a feature in Forbes showcasing businesses that have shaped America. Over the past 50 years Bulbrite has grown tremendously, one thing that has always remained the same is the dedication to bringing beautiful light to any moment, anywhere. And with that, Kibün was born.

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